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The Medieval101 wiki, is the official wiki for the MMORPG Medieval101. Founded on 08/02/2021, the Medieval101 wiki is dedicated to being a reliable source of knowledge on all things Medieval101 that anyone can edit.

How to get involved[edit]

  • If you come across anything that requires modification, like incorrect grammar, spelling mistakes, factual inaccuracies or incomplete information, feel free to edit it. You can use the Edit button at the top of the page to make the necessary changes. In addition, you can help us by looking out for any cases of vandalism in recent updates, exploring our maintenance categories
  • If you find yourself editing content frequently, it is recommended that you create an account, which will conceal your IP address and provide you with additional editing capabilities.

Contacting the administrators[edit]

The easiest way to contact an administrators for the wiki is by joining our Discord server here and talking in the #wiki channel.